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Tarte Sugar Rush Goals Goals Goals Eyeshadow Palette




Let's chat about it:
  • 36 super blendable, creamy eyeshadows
  • Mix of neutral shades & fun pops of color
  • Do the math - 36 shadows for under 30 bucks!

The sugar on top:
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Formulated without gluten
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Clay: for better, longer, truer wear
  • Vitamin E: natural preservative that also acts as an emollient & antioxidant

  • Forever (matte ivory)
  • Always (matte burnt orange)
  • PhotoShoot (metallic copper)
  • Live On The Edge (matte yellow)
  • Selfie (orange gold sheen)
  • Skip Day (matte deep brown)
  • L.A. (matte peach)
  • Tag Me (burgundy shimmer)
  • Dance Off (matte deep mauve)
  • Twirl (deep coral sheen)
  • Drop Top (matte warm brown)
  • Killin' It (metallic gold)
  • IRL (matte purple brown)
  • Concert (metallic yellow gold)
  • BRB (matte warm tan)
  • Graduation (matte cream)
  • Be You (rust shimmer)
  • Just Me (matte brick red)
  • First Date (matte pale pink)
  • TFW (rosy champagne shimmer)
  • Straight A's (matte mauve)
  • City Lights (pale pink shimmer)
  • Feelin' Fly (matte purple mauve)
  • Night Out (grape shimmer)
  • Denim (matte baby blue)
  • Love (lilac sheen)
  • BackStage (indigo shimmer)
  • Filter (deep taupe shimmer)
  • Okurr (matte green)
  • Matcha (golden teal sheen)
  • Peach (lavender sheen)
  • Road Trip (blue sheen)
  • Summer Nights (navy sheen)
  • Beach House (matte cool tan)
  • Thunder and Lightning (olive green shimmer)
  • DM's: (matte deep olive green)


Tarte Sugar Rush Goals Goals Goals Eyeshadow Palette

R$ 160,00Preço