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Morphe Brushes X Jaclyn Hill The Complexion Master Collection



Jaclyn has mastered the art of the beat, and now it's your turn. Here are 5 face brushes to obsess over. Meet the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill The Complexion Master Collection.

Collection Includes:
  • JH02 Bronzer Brush
  • JH03 Ride-or-Die Foundation Brush
  • JH04 Blush Brush
  • JH07 Under-Eye Powder Brush
  • JH09 Glow Baby Glow Brush
  • Master Bag

Brush Descriptions:
  • JH02 Bronzer Brush: "It's the perfect shape, so you don't get too much of a punch when you apply."
  • JH03 Ride-or-Die Foundation Brush: "It's perfect. It's dense. It's synthetic. It packs on an amazing amount of product."
  • JH04 Blush Brush: "Literally the best cheek blush brush of all time. It's got the perfect angle. It's really soft and not dense at all, so it's impossible to apply too much."
  • JH07 Under-Eye Powder Brush: "I use this every single day of my life to do my under-eye powder, when I bake, and when I do my contour."
  • JH09 Glow Baby Glow Brush: "The brush that the entire influencer game uses. If you want a sheer highlight, it's going to give that to you. But a second and a third layer is really going to be like BAM."

Morphe Brushes X Jaclyn Hill The Complexion Master Collection

R$ 300,00Preço