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Morphe Brushes 39S Such A Gem Artistry Palette




Sassy pinks. Stunning purples. Rich, vibrant hues. And a touch of glitter, of course. Morphe's multi-faceted 39S Such A Gem Artistry Palette is your new bejeweled bestie. Use the matte, sheen, and shimmer finishes to luxe up your face and eye looks, and then smooth on our brand-new silk slip toppers for a flashy highlight or next-level eye look. Each one of these seven plush formulas has been sized up for an effect that really is extra. You'll love how these velvety babes glide on like a gel and set like a powder. And you'll be looking gorg. You know, like you do.


  • 32 rich, vibrant shades
  • 7 super-sized silk slip toppers
  • A mix of finishes-from sheer to glitter


  • Row 1: Makin' Bank (shimmering lilac), Posh Boss (matte heather greige), Boujee (matte tropical hibiscus), Dazzle 'Em (sheer pewter shimmer), Pearlfection (mother of pearl satin), Super Swanky (matte latte), Flaunt It (ripe raspberry satin), Plums Up (matte plummy merlot)
  • Row 2: Mauvelous (shimmering cherry macaron), Pink Prize (matte bubblegum), Amethyst Awe (vibrant amethyst satin), Treasure Trove (shimmering wrought iron), Ritzy Rose (shimmering strawberry frosé), Decadent AF (matte chocolate caramel), Berry Good (matte hot pink carnation), That's Tempting (matte mahogany rust)
  • Row 3: Take the Crown (polished chrome silk slip topper), Oh Yasss (cotton candy silk slip topper), Total Goals (frosted berry silk slip topper), Catch the Light (white gold silk slip topper), Bling Thing (rose gold silk slip topper), Here for It (holographic peony silk slip topper), Strike a Pose (raspberry jam silk slip topper)
  • Row 4: Laven-dare (sheer icy lavender shimmer), Purple Majesty (matte blooming orchid), It's Violit (sheer summer violet shimmer), Make It Reign (matte royal indigo), You Fancy (shimmering autumn blaze), Fame Game (matte black walnut), Extra Oomph (shimmering ember), Wine Not? (matte mulberry wine)
  • Row 5: Peri-twinkle (shimmering icy periwinkle), Loaded Lilac (shimmering blushy lilac), Grape Minds (matte brilliant violet), Shiny Object (shimmering steel), Pure Luxe (shimmering peach), Show Off (bronzed flame glitter), Garnet Glam (shimmering inky garnet), Rocks On (matte obsidian with silver sparkle)

Morphe Brushes 39S Such A Gem Artistry Palette

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