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Makeup Revolution x Petra Eyeshadow Palette




Revolution x Petra, a unique eyeshadow palette occupied with a mind-blowing 36 eyeshadow shades, from everyday warm and cool neutrals to pops of colour including yellow, red, orange and pink. Whether you're looking to broaden your makeup skills or you're a master of the trade, this two-sided palette is for everyone and anyone.

@Petralovelyhair said: "My palette is elegant, bold and playful. I was primarily inspired by everyday life and years of blogging. I wanted an affordable palette for every makeup lover. One that everyone can use for any occasion, you can create an everyday look, a very soft no makeup, makeup look, or a bold or smokey eye look. I covered every possible eyeshadow look you could ever want."


  • B-day Girl (sheer beige with a white shift, metallic finish)
  • Golden Boy (bronze gold, metallic finish)
  • Banana Milk (soft yellow, matte finish)
  • Yaaas! (pale peach, matte finish)
  • Apricot Pie (coral, matte finish)
  • Copper Penny (warm copper, satin finish)
  • My Precious (dark raspberry, matte finish)
  • Coffee First (brown nude, satin finish)
  • Snobby (rose brown, metallic finish)
  • Gossip (burgundy, matte finish)
  • Hashtag (brown oak, matte finish)
  • Queen B (brown with a blue shift, satin finish)
  • Pretty Please (chestnut brown, matte finish)
  • Hubby's Fave (deep blue, metallic finish)
  • Canary (bright yellow, matte finish)
  • Brick Trick (blood orange, matte finish
  • Candy Apple (fuchsia, matte finish)
  • I'm Shook (burnt red, metallic finish)
  • Savage (deep magenta, satin finish)
  • OMG (violet magenta, matte finish)
  • Honeymoon (baby pink, matte finish)
  • All Black Everything (black, matte finish)
  • Couple Goals (deep mauve, satin finish)
  • Green Turner (plum, matte finish)
  • Swiss Praline (brown black with pink shift, shimmer finish)
  • Weirdo (golden brown, satin finish)
  • Drugstore Queen (pastel pink, metallic finish)
  • Wedding Cake (white with lilac shift, satin finish)
  • Best Friends (bronze gold, metallic finish)
  • Princess Dress (pinky nude, metallic finish)
  • Cute AF (peach cream, satin finish)
  • Sweet Tooth (deep brown with purple shift, matte finish)
  • Get Ready (pale nude brown, matte finish)
  • Mousie (grey green, matte finish)
  • Multi Tasker (light brown, matte finish)
  • #NoFilter (white beige, matte finish)



Makeup Revolution x Petra Eyeshadow Palette

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