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Kryolan Concealer Circle




Kryolan Concealer Circles are the perfect concealer product for any artist's kit!  Each wheel comes with 6 concealer colors to help cover slight skin discolorations.  The wheel packaging is a compact package so that you have all of the concealer shades you need for any job.   Colors included in each wheel:

Nr 1:  X4W, X4, X7, X66, X51, X0

Nr 2:  X32, X4, X5, X7, X19, X0

Nr 3:  XFD, X62, X66, X7, X3 1/2, X1W

Nr 4:  X56, X4, X7, X13, X19, X1

Nr 5:  XredB, X4, X7, X13, X19, X1

USA:  X32, X61, X4, X3, X375, X100

Neutralizer:  X Lavender Veil, X32, XredB, X406, X Yellow Neutralizer, X30

Dark:  X11, X13, X15, X28A, X742, XV23


Kryolan Concealer Circle

R$ 220,00Preço