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Juvia's Place The Festival Eyeshadow Palette




The Juvia's Place Festival Eyeshadow Palette channels a festival party filled with mystic trances. A celebration of daring and bold colors. Not for the faint hearted. A beautiful blend of colors to make every day festive. Consists of 9 highly pigmented shades.


  • Row 1:Izafa (matte carmine), Uli (shimmer ice), Ofala (matte fire)
  • Row 2: Mmanwu (matte sorbet), Iri Ji (matte bright fuschia), Oro (matte honey)
  • Row 3: Keleke (shimmer dark metal), Aba (matte dark ocean blue/green), Odogwu (shimmer sepia)

Juvia's Place The Festival Eyeshadow Palette

R$ 130,00 Preço normal
R$ 80,00Preço promocional